(Low to high power)
The EDGE is a fully customizable/expandable e-collar designed for professionals and serious amateurs.


Edge Extra Collar





(Low to high power)
The New Dogtra EDGE RT is designed for the most demanding training environments. Whether you’re a professional trainer or a serious amateur, the RT offers the simplest solution to the most complex training. The RT transmitter gives you a ‘no look’ one-hand operation, so your eyes are always focused on your dog. The 8 levels of Nick and Constant stimulation coupled with our Combination Buttons, offer a wide range of stimulation for every dog and every training situation. Features include – 1-mile range, rapid charge batteries, hard travel case and a fully waterproof collar/receiver and handheld transmitter.



3500NCP Super-X
(Low to high power)
The 3500NCP labeled the Super-X because of the X-tra features, X-ceptional range and is designed for X-treme training situations.

Precise stimulation level
1 mile range
‘Nick’, ‘Constant’ and non-stimulating pager/vibrate
2-hour rapid charge Lithium Polymer batteries
Fully waterproof collar/receiver and transmitter
LCD screen displays exact level of stimulation even in dark or low light conditions
Regular/mild setting toggle switch, gives you the option to adjust the range of stimulation levels for your dog’s sensitivity
Three bar battery life indicator.



2300NCP                                    2302 NCP

2300NCP Advance
(Low to high power)
The 2300NCP Advance is a multipurpose e-collar. It is designed for advanced level pet training, competition training, K-9 work or any type of hunting where a 3/4-mile range is needed.
Precise stimulation level (0-127)
3/4 mile range
‘Nick’, ‘Constant’ and non-stimulating pager/vibration
2-hour rapid charge Lithium Polymer batteries
Fully waterproof collar/receiver and transmitter
LCD screen displays exact level of stimulation even in dark or low light conditions
Three bar battery life indicator.

Single collar $259.99 Double collar $394.99


T&B DUAL 1-DOG  $379.99               T&B DUAL 2-DOG $549.99

The Dogtra T&B DUAL is the advanced DUAL DIAL Training & Beeper e-collar, designed for upland hunters. It is equipped with the DUAL DIAL transmitter with key features like 127 Nick/Constant stimulation levels, HPP vibration, Locate Beeper, Run/Point Beeper Modes, and a 1.5-mile range*.

The expandable DUAL DIAL transmitter of the T&B comes with an OLED screen and two sets of the Rheostat Dial and buttons dedicated to each collar, which allows seamless and effective operation of the collars without switching the stimulation levels back and forth. The receiver of the T&B DUAL has a unique single-body receiver/beeper horn to eliminate the bulkiness and enhance the durability. It is equipped with the Accelerometer sensor for the most accurate motion detection of the Beeper Modes for Point-Only and Run/Point.
* The range may reduce depending on the surroundings.

 Pro 550 Garmin

” Pro 550 Garmin”

1-handed Training of Up to 3 Dogs
“color:additional dog devices required purchase separately
21 levels of continuous and momentary stimulation and vibration and tone settings
Up to 1mile range
Built-in BarkLimiter™ operated on the dog device
Remote operation of beacon lights on dog device
“PRO 550”
The PRO 550 with proven Tri-Tronics® technology allows advanced training for the serious professional with easy access to 21 levels of momentary and continuous stimulation, tone as well as the ability to quickly switch between 3 dogs¹. PRO 550 features vibration and tone settings, remotely operated beacon lights on the dog device to help locate your dog in low light, the ability to add an Upland™ Beeper (purchased separately), and a built-in underline,style,color,BarkLimiter, activated on the dog device, to help keep the peace at home. $399.99